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October 2017

customer relationship management system

For many small to medium sized insurance carriers, government risk pools and captives, providing personalized customer service continues to be a priority. If your organization or your partners leverage digital technologies, you may have customers who expect that personal touch across channels.   For these carriers, having a solid Client Relationship Management (CRM) strategy is a priority.  And while in theory a strategy is a great start,...

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insurance management software

In an uncertain healthcare market, many physicians and healthcare providers are reviewing and upgrading many business and operational processes, as well as reviewing and revising their role in patient care, some refusing high-risk patients, some moving into roles that skirt direct care, instead focusing in a more consultative capacity.  Add to this a market being shaped by an ever-changing political and regulatory healthcare landscape and...

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Defining Moments: Las Vegas

Cities and states throughout America work hard to build their particular brand, to be known for “something” in order to attract new residents, new industries, and/ or tourists.  I’m sure you’ve run across those articles and advertisements associating a city or state as, “best place to retire,” “fasting growing cities,” “lowest tax rates,” or “safest places to live in America.”  Indeed, these are titles to...

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insurance crm software happy clients

Reports indicate that policy holders are rejoicing over insurance tech. They anticipate greater efficiency, better communication, quicker claim response and increased self-service options.  And technology-driven insurance providers should rejoice, too. Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction improves retention within the highly-saturated insurance industry.   Here are some tips for making clients happier and increasing client retention:   Adopt Efficient Technologies & Process Small to mid-size insurers continue to develop customer engagement models that...

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