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January 2018


This week saw the release of the highly anticipated 2018 RMIS Report, the industry’s most comprehensive 3rd party independent report on Risk Management Information Systems and claims technologies.  Among the field of participating insurance technology companies and their products, CHSI Technologies’ Connections® has been recognized as a top-rated, stand-alone risk management information system (RMIS).  This is CHSI Technologies’ first year of participation in the annual...

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Insurance-specific software packages that include portals improve agent and broker productivity, ease data collection and analysis, and sustain data security. All of this occurs behind the scenes. In a best case scenario, brokers or policyholders can experience swift responses to their quote applications, concerns, and/or claims. Ultimately, the value of a software package depends on the quality of information supplied by its users. This is why...

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InsurTech might not receive the same level of publicity as biotech or fintech, but that doesn't mean the insurance industry isn't adapting to technological change or embracing younger employees. As Baby Boomers retire, their positions need to be filled with talented young people who are committed to the insurance industry. This is especially true for small to mid-size insurance firms seeking to remain competitive by...

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A crisis is brewing in the nation's insurance sector, and it is one that could have disastrous effects if left unaddressed.   The crisis is an approaching workforce shortfall within the insurance industry. As Baby Boomers continue to retire, a gap is beginning to appear in the number of millennials entering the insurance workforce to replace them.   A number of factors may contribute to the problem, and the...

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