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April 2018


Since the adoption of the federal Liability Risk Retention Act in 1981, small businesses, municipalities and individuals are able to pool their resources to form collectively owned risk retention groups, or RRGs. Because RRGs exist under federal guidelines, these insurance groups are able to attract members from all states even when they are based in a single location. By joining an RRG, members can avoid otherwise...

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A proliferation of digital tools and customized software is spurring digital transformation across sectors, including within the insurance industry. While many enterprise-level insurance firms were among the first to launch cloud-based services and mobile options, smaller organizations are catching up as greater numbers of cost-effective insurance software providers emerge. Here are a few simple ways for your organization to take advantage of the many available...

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Today's insureds are happy to click on a button, interact with an automated system and independently purchase insurance and file a claim. These changes in consumer behavior are upending how traditional insurers attract new policyholders and how they can retain the ones they already have. Large insurance companies are leveraging their ability to attract customers via sophisticated digital platforms, real-time quotes and speedy claim resolution....

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Insurance technology is within the reach of small to mid-size insurance organizations and carriers, but do brokers and agents feel confident using innovative technology?   The short answer is yes. Innovative technologies are designed with the user in mind. Adopting new digital platforms no longer requires extensive training or new devices. Most technologies are cloud-based and capable of being accessed through familiar smartphones, tablets and desktops. Since...

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