5 Ways To Secure your Insurance Cloud Data with SaaS Security

5 ways to secure your insurance cloud data with saas security

5 Ways To Secure your Insurance Cloud Data with SaaS Security

Smaller insurance companies are migrating to the cloud using SaaS (Software as a Service) technology at an increasingly faster pace than ever before. Whether used for sales, administration or insurance underwriting software, these systems have helped to streamline insurance company software applications into a platform that supports all business functions with less hassle and greater affordability. These systems have helped to level the playing field and allow smaller insurance companies to compete with their larger counterparts.


While SaaS has helped to alleviate the pressure of maintaining a large IT department, it has not eliminated the need for IT professionals entirely. There is still the matter of security including protection against data breaches. While SaaS and cloud service providers normally provide strong protection on their end, it is up to the businesses receiving their services to secure their systems to the greatest extent possible.


There are many steps that can be taken at the company level for securing their cloud data, but there are five specific ways that IT professionals can take to help with this process.


Utilize Cloud Access Security Brokers

Partnering with CASB’s can help IT supervisors locate apps that may be included with SaaS but not authorized. This helps IT managers to focus on other aspects of their jobs while the CASB’s monitor and identify risk across a spectrum of cloud services.


Focus on Cloud Services Designed for Small Insurance Companies

While generic services may be adaptable by several business sectors, choosing cloud services designed with the unique needs of insurance companies, such as insurance underwriting software, can help to reduce the number of unnecessary applications that may be included.


Utilize Tools from Third Parties

Using third-party services with built-in tools for security can help to maximize security.


Maintain IT Flexibility as Business Grows

Engaging the services of security professionals can help IT managers learn how to grow their security relative to the degree of business growth.


Utilize Threat Protection

CASB’s often include threat protection services within their services to cover risks from cloud-based systems that cannot be covered at the business IT level.


As the realm of IT services for small insurance companies continue to migrate toward SaaS and the cloud, it is important that IT managers stay abreast of the changing environment and be willing and open to adopting the changes that may be necessary to administer the systems.