CAJPA Conference Attendees Share Greatest Challenges


CAJPA Conference Attendees Share Greatest Challenges

To find out what keeps joint power risk pool leadership and technology professionals up at night, the CHSI team played detective at the recent California Association of Joint Power Authorities’ annual conference Sept. 10-13 in South Lake Tahoe, Calif. Gathering qualitative data from more than 25 random, anonymous attendees, the team asked a simple question:  What is your biggest challenge and how are you addressing it?  The results were surprising, chiefly because 90 percent of attendees mentioned several challenges, not just one.

A quarter of respondents mentioned budget issues restricting the move from legacy to modern systems and platforms, followed by a third of respondents citing a lack of training on new software, while another third cited outdated software as a chief challenge. A clear majority reflected frustration at the “status quo” – technology requirements not being met, and not being addressed.

Integration of existing systems, along with problems with systems conversions, were also cited.

CHSI jokingly determined that one attendee reflected the true state of the market with his answer: “getting more than one drink ticket.”