CHSI Announces Customer Award Winners


CHSI Announces Customer Award Winners

The CHSI Technologies’ Annual User Workshop would not be complete without the company recognizing the efforts of customers who are using CHSI Connections® to help set best practice examples for the rest of the industry.

During the first day of the workshop, members of CHSI’s leadership team officially recognized the following customers for a variety of accomplishments over the year:

Posing with Trevor Lightbound, CHSI’s VP of Partner Services, team members representing Trean, Trean’s partners ALIC, CompStar and Diamond Insurance, along with Synergy Comp, were recognized for their outstanding performance at this year’s CHSI Technologies’ User Workshop.

Brentwood Services Administrators (BSA): Project Management Success.  Brentwood is a provider of reinsurance and brokerage services, managed care and cost containment, loss control, claims and policy administration services that operates out of Brentwood, Tenn.  Brentwood has gone through a completely new project management process that involved new responsibilities for CHSI and BSA staff.  The project management process in place is successful and as a result, organization of work items has improved. The process will set up BSA for success for years to come.

Friedlander Group:  Best Success Story.  Friedlander is a Purchase, N.Y., manager of seven Safety Groups underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund, and a relatively new customer for CHSI.  Friedlander’s and CHSI’s project teams were dedicated and extremely responsive throughout Connections’ implementation process. Changes in project scope were managed and the timeline did not suffer as a result.  Friedlander’s commitment to the project made it a successful one.

Synergy Comp:  IT Initiative Success.  Synergy Comp is a workers’ compensation insurer from Sharon, Pa. During the last two years, Synergy Comp’s IT team grew from one person to a full team.  In doing so, they have put themselves in a beta admin position with the CHSI product and development teams.  They create their own efficiencies using the Connections database environment and are the first to try or request new product features.

Trean: Team of the Year.  Trean Corp. is a Wayzata, Minn., provider of insurance management, insurance and reinsurance consulting, and reinsurance placement services.  Trean routinely adds new partners and takes on large IT projects with CHSI.  The success rate on all projects is close to 100% and Trean plays a large role in that.  Their dedication to project management, internal QA and their ability to act as Connections’ subject matter experts for their partners set them above the rest in 2019.

CHSI Technologies would like to congratulate all the 2019 award winners for exemplifying best practice examples in each of these categories.