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CHSI Technologies Issues Statement on Recent Malware Concerns

CHSI Technologies Issues Statement on Recent Malware Concerns


HENDERSON, NV—July 10, 2017–CHSI Technologies, Inc., a provider of core enterprise-class software that uses Microsoft technologies, is concerned about the recent WannaCrypt attacks. After conducting a formal security audit to analyze the threat(s), CHSI Technologies reports that it is not susceptible/vulnerable to this particular (or any other known) threat. By design, all CHSI Technologies’ machines have the appropriate security patches and have no endpoints open in their firewalls to allow this particular attack vector through.


Malware such as WannaCry/WannaCrypt hurts the industry as a whole and damages trust in IT infrastructure. Strong Internet security is better for everyone in the software industry, and fear and distrust harm us all.


For all customers (most of this advice applies to any customer with a web-exposed server), we recommend fully patching your servers, minimizing open ports in your firewalls to the fewest possible, and following a best practice of always granting the fewest number of permissions possible to every security account.


Working with Microsoft and following our own best practices, we are confident that these malware attacks will not result in any business interruption for our customers.


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