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Finding New Areas of Value Using Insurance Management Software


Finding New Areas of Value Using Insurance Management Software

Insurance management software improves an organization’s bottom line through its efficiency and the insights it generates. With tailored digital options, small-to-midsize insurance companies can access the powerful insurance management tools they need to engage clients, offer top-of-the-line digital services and attract and retain new, talented agents. Here are a few of the ways your organization can discover new areas of value using insurance management software.

User Behavior

It’s no surprise that millennials are more comfortable in front of a user interface than they are in front of insurance agents. They tend to seek information from their peers and online resources prior to shopping for tech, furnishings and even insurance. These informed clients know what they are looking for and they want the information they need right away. Further, they trust organizations that deliver this information in an interactive and engaging way.

Tools For Engagement

One growing insurance software solution allows clients to interact on their own terms via chatbots. Policyholder portals are another efficient and manageable way for clients and agents to stay connected. Portals and chatbots keep clients engaged with their policies and optimize customer service while providing an organization’s analysts with relevant client data. This data can be explored and new areas of value that are unique to an organization’s demographic can be discovered. Some insurance software solutions include:

  • Questionnaire Modules
  • Self Service Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Claims Intake

Each of these items contains information agents can use to better understand client concerns and behaviors.

The Value of Data

Data answers questions such as:

When does a client prefer paying?
Does a client access the portal via mobile or web?
When do clients access the portal?

The answers to these questions allow your organization to hone in on customer service improvements such as offering cross-platform mobile access, or personalized payment schedules or real-time communication when it matters most.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Millennials aren’t always on the consumer side of technology. Younger agents are inclined to prefer digital tools while getting their job done. Cloud-based insurance software solutions provide these agents with secure mobile platforms so they can accomplish tasks while on the go.

Insurance management software integrates with existing systems, keeping all generations of clients and employees productive and satisfied.