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About The Case Studies

Name of Carrier: Beta Fund Risk Management Authority
Type: Risk Pools
LOB: Workers Compensation to more than 40K healthcare workers in California
Challenge: Exponential growth, merger with sister company
Goal: With downward pressure on contributions (premiums), stay on track to reduce costs and provide better outcomes (loss control) for members/patients.
Outcome: Connections’ cloud-based, configurable core system modules improves payroll audit, underwriting, quoting and renewals.

Name of Carrier: About Montana Association of Counties (MACo)
Type: Public Entity Risk-Sharing Pool/Joint Power Authority
LOB: Workers Compensation, Property & Casualty (P&C), and Health Care
Challenge: Complex, evolving risk profiles of member counties, competing budget priorities, and an IT infrastructure that could not keep pace with growth.
Goal: Replace spreadsheets, reduce errors, create efficiencies in underwriting, keep all property schedules in good order, create one version of the truth and reduce costs.
Outcome: Connections’ cloud-based configurable core system modules/portal simplify renewals, create streamlined processes to process business and inform/educate members, monitor loss control trends that require more attention.

Name of Carrier: Midwest Insurance Group (a managed entity under Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services)
Type: Member-owned Risk Retention Group
LOB: Professional and general liability healthcare, specifically for nursing homes, assisted and independent living and other healthcare facilities.
Challenge: Costly (spreadsheet) rating errors, difficult to access policyholder records that affect customer service, audit trails and regulatory transparency.
Goal: Efficiently and accurately process and price risk by migrating policyholder data to a system that automates collection of information, and provides more reliable access where and when needed.
Outcome: Connections’ cloud-based policy management system for rating, quoting and policy issuance, including rules-based multi-state underwriting, streamlined quotes, endorsements, cancellations and renewals.

Name of Carrier: Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company (MTMIC)
Type: Self-insured Trust (Mutual Company)
LOB: Workers’ Compensation to manufacturers, tech-based businesses, printers, hardware stores and automotive dealerships.
Challenge: Growth-related demand for more efficient and reliability processing, improved communications with members.
Goal: To improve online training and proactive loss control services, manage and communicate rating calculations/loss ratios to members in each tier, and return as much premium to members as possible.
Outcome: Implementation of Connections’ portal and suite of cloud-based core policy administration modules helped fuel a doubling in revenue and policyholder growth.

Name of Carrier: Utah Business Insurance Company
Type: Privately Held Insurance Company
LOB: Workers’ Compensation to homebuilders, contractors and other businesses
Challenge: Grow risk management and loss prevention initiatives organically to successfully compete against a state-wide landscape.
Goal: Focus on personalized customized services that manage requests from policyholders, agents and the Department of Insurance while maximizing value, promoting safety and enhanced loss control education to customers and customers’ employees.
Outcome: Connections’ portal, CRM and workflow offerings enable time-saving, enhanced workflow, customized communications, and configurability to give policyholders access to digital policies, safety programs, schedules, HR forms and more.

Name of Carrier: Virginia Automobile Dealers Association (VADA) Group Self-Insurance
Association (GSIA)
Type: Self-insured Group
LOB: Workers’ Compensation to franchised auto dealers
Challenge: Dated technologies in a location prone to flooding, the need to upgrade technology to cost-effectively meet the demands of its dealer members in a safe and secure way.
Goal: Conduct a customized CHSI Technology Implementation Analysis to determine priorities; enable members to manage their accounts via real-time access to their XMod factor to learn what’s driving rates, manage payments, etc.
Outcome: Efficiencies from Connections’ flexible portal, along with policy administration, billing and receivables modules eliminate paper reports, integrate with Microsoft Dynamics (CRM) and with third-party claims’ administrator to facilitate digital benchmarking, risk audits and more in real time.

Name of Carrier: Premier Physicians Insurance Co.
Type: Risk Retention Group
LOB: Medical Professional Liability, Workers Compensation, Employee Benefits, BOP, Banking Services
Challenge: Ongoing changes in health care delivery, tort reforms, new medicines/surgical procedures, myriad stringent and complex regulatory requirements tied to healthcare data and IT security create intense competitive environment.
Goal: Obtain tools to provide safe, secure competitive rates, quick quote turn-around time, value-added services and stable, long-term solution for members.
Outcome: Uniquely configured cloud-based Connections’ rules-based underwriting module automates data collection, creation of quotes endorsements, cancellations, audits /renewals, for improved workflows and superior customer service.

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