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Generating Value with Customer Portals


Generating Value with Customer Portals

Insurance-specific software packages that include portals improve agent and broker productivity, ease data collection and analysis, and sustain data security. All of this occurs behind the scenes. In a best case scenario, brokers or policyholders can experience swift responses to their quote applications, concerns, and/or claims.
Ultimately, the value of a software package depends on the quality of information supplied by its users. This is why policyholder or broker portal development and management is vital to generating value. Here are a few factors to consider when implementing portals on your organization’s website or mobile app.




Website designers are turning their attention to online user behavior. They collect data on usage and are able to pinpoint when a prospect or broker gives up on a site. They collect information from online forums and feedback forms. User interface and user experience designers refer to this data to improve a platform’s user experience.


Choosing a third-party software provider allows small organizations to keep up with changing customer demands and expectations. The provider’s web designers regularly analyze user behavior patterns and apply fixes to pain points. This makes it easier for clients to provide the information that is essential for workflow operations.




Are users leaving your site because they are uncomfortable sharing personal information? Do users leave your site because it takes too long to generate a quote? User behavioral data and analysis answer these questions. Based on these answers, developers can offer solutions to these problems.


The customer portal can be redesigned to include icons indicating that a potential client’s personal information is safe. On the back-end, improved risk management software can speed up the process of generating a quote.


Unlike out-of-the-box software solutions, customized software packages cut down on long-term costs. By choosing only the portals and options necessary for your organization’s workflow and data collection needs, small and mid-size insurance organizations can reduce costs while directly engaging their customers and optimizing their service delivery.