How Cloud-Computing Benefits Employees & Increases Productivity

how cloud computing benefits employees increases productivity

How Cloud-Computing Benefits Employees & Increases Productivity

Small and mid-size insurance firms have to stay within budget while maintaining employee satisfaction. High employee turn-over and overworked staff leave negative impacts on your company’s bottom line. Cloud-computing is a way to increase the productivity of the workers you have without wearing them down. It also helps attract and keep younger talent. Read on for more detail about how cloud computing benefits employees and increases productivity.

Process Speed and Integration

Not only is claims processing one of the major contributing factors in client retention, but slow processing also impedes employee workflow. While traditional workflow processes may seem stable and consistent, insurance underwriting software will speed processes, increase accuracy and result in higher client and employee satisfaction.

Integrated processes also increase employee efficiency. An agent can simply access information about a client in real-time, seek out any changes in client risk and behavior and contact the client directly if necessary, all through an integration of customer relationship management tools and risk management systems.


Automation not only increases processing speed, but it also allows employees the time they need to close complicated claims or nurture new leads. By eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks, employees can take on new challenges or pursue professional development opportunities. Gaining knowledge leads to greater job efficiency and satisfaction. The organization also benefits from a high-skilled workforce.


Due to the nature of the insurance industry in general, and small and mid-size organizations in particular, employee collaboration is a much-needed strategy. Not everyone can be in one place and agents are often in the field rather than at their desk. Cloud-based apps connect field agents with in-office personnel thereby improving communication with clients and resolving issues in a timely manner. Through secure, mobile apps, agents are able to upload images and collect information on site and transmit it to the cloud where the information is available instantly to other team members.


Off-site access to secure records and risk management systems is possible through cloud-based computing. These benefits are helpful, not only to agents in the field, but to employees who have long commutes, those who work from home and others who prefer non-traditional work schedules. Providing employees with this kind of flexibility is one way to ensure that their productivity levels are maintained and that outcomes are efficient regardless of employee preferences or geographical location.

As many of your employees know, and as you might remember from your time in the field, lingering claims can lead to low morale, revenue loss and client attrition. By leveraging the speed of automated processes and integrated systems, your employees can benefit from improved communication and efficient claim management.