How to Easily Transition to SaaS Technology For Your Business

how to easily transition to saas technology for your business

How to Easily Transition to SaaS Technology For Your Business

If your organization is sitting on piles of legacy data or if your company is facing the need for a costly server update or configuration, then you have probably heard about cloud-based insurance company software as an alternative to your current processes. However, making the switch to the cloud is daunting for a variety of reasons. You may be concerned about security issues or you might be reluctant to walk away from an in-house server and IT system in which you have already invested a great deal of your budget. This is understandable, but consider a few ways you can easily make the transition from in-house server to cloud-based software.

Hybrid Systems

Choosing the best software for your organization should include paying close attention to industry-specific software. Software for insurance offers higher levels of security, a commitment to regulatory compliance, features that allow for integration of complex systems and high data capacity.

When considering a complete transfer of processes to a SaaS model, investigate options that include hybrid models. This means a portion of your workflow can remain in-house while new clients or employees are funneled into cloud-based models. This environment allows for a slow transition to SaaS and maximizes the possibility of high client retention during a transition.

Executable Plan

Once you have chosen the software package that works best for your business, you will have to establish an executable plan. This can involve as many phases of transition as you deem necessary. One organization decided to divide their transition into eight phases, with each phase taking on a greater amount of data transfer and the addition of digitized workflows and services.

Client Buy-In

Maintaining transparency with clients during a transition is essential to retaining customers. Their customer experience may change throughout the process, but they also may have concerns regarding security and shifting priorities. To assure these customers that the value of their insurance will remain the same and that their security is a top priority, you may choose to have clients opt into the new system. Offering incentives to do so, such as new packages or product offerings have met with success.

Stay the Course

Organizations that have succeeded in transitioning to the cloud with minimal risk or loss have done so by sticking with their plan. One organization found that small adjustments and modifications to the plan were necessary, but when those modifications were made they were done so in collaboration with all stakeholders. Transparency and communication were essential to a successful transition.

Transitioning to SaaS technology may be daunting, but it is something your organization will only have to do once to reap its benefits.