A New Way To Navigate To Companies In Connections


A New Way To Navigate To Companies In Connections

There is a faster and better way to switch companies on a page or to go to a specific company in Connections. We’re rolling out two modern features in our latest CRM update: a header typehead and a Companies page for more advanced searches.

What’s a typeahead?

You know what this is from Google or any other search engine. You begin typing and it suggests things that you can select to make searching faster. In Connections, we do this with your Companies to make switching companies fast and easy.

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Typing a company name or number into the search box will cause the typeahead to offer suggestions for the most relevant query to what you’ve typed. You can use the mouse or keyboard to navigate to or select the company you need.

Previously, you’d type something into the search bar, and if you got multiple matches, a window would appear where you would select the company or narrow down your query. It was slow waiting for the search window to load. And it was slow finding the company you wanted. We hope you’ll see how fast we’ve made this typeahead. With every keystroke it responds instantaneously.

If you need to search for a company with data other than the company’s name or number, we’ve created a Companies page just for that.

A new Companies page

Previously this page was our “advanced search,” or Try our new search!” modal. You would get to this page by typing in the search bar or clicking the “Companies” sidebar item from the homepage. It is now a fast, redesigned page called Companies.

It will still perform advanced search capabilities, but it is better thought of as a listing of all Companies in the CRM. You can filter / search to find the exact companies you are looking for and then navigate to them.


Type into the “Quick search” input to quickly filter down companies by any of the columns listed. You can add columns and perform more advanced queries by checking the “Show advanced search options” box. Documentation on advanced queries can be found here.

Our goal is to make traversing Connections, and in particular going from company to company, fast and intuitive.