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Insurance Digital Transformation Takes Shape

INT 2019 InterpSpring Cover

Insurance Digital Transformation Takes Shape

The insurance industry is the in middle of a seismic technology shift, with carriers adopting an abundance of new tools to drive insights on decades of customer data at their disposal. This revolution is transparent across companies of all sizes—from large property and casualty carriers with billion-dollar IT budgets that are rolling out drone inspection programs, to smaller workers’ compensation firms looking to digitize claims or bring new policy administration systems online.

With customers also demanding more of the high-tech and hands-on experiences the likes of Amazon and banking institutions provide, innovation has become an industry mandate for carriers, as neglecting to do so will likely lead to companies’ downfall.  So says Danni Santana in the Insurance Accounting & Systems’ Association’s Interpreter Spring 2019 cover story.

The Interpreter features Brian Tague, vice president of operations at Diamond Insurance, which writes insurance coverage for healthcare practitioners in 14 states.  Diamond Insurance, based in Illinois, completed the installation of its new policy administration system from CHSI Technologies in April 2018. Brian explains his successful technology journey on page 11 of the magazine. Click here for more.