New Tool to Enhance Claims Outcomes Featured at SIIA Conference

self insured workers compensation executive forum

New Tool to Enhance Claims Outcomes Featured at SIIA Conference

The claims concierge rapid response model will be a featured session at the Workers’ Compensation Executive Forum on May 8, 2019 in Nashville.  Covering methodology and front-line experience, the claims concierge session will share with conference attendees a system designed to enhance employee recovery and prevent adversarial claims.  The annual Forum, an educational and networking event sponsored by the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) for Workers’ Compensation professionals, will be held at the Westin Nashville May 7-9.

Megan Ranftl, who worked with CHSI in the early development of the claims concierge system, will provide a how-to overview of implementing and managing a high-touch employee focused model that integrates with claims managers and employers and supports trends in claims analytics.  Bill Donaldson, a Sacramento based broker and a leader in the regional non-profit service sector, will provide perspective on the experience of small employers and how the important role of the broker is in using a tool like claims concierge to support improved injury prevention and enhanced outcomes for employees and employers on the front line.  Darren Schenck of Triage Now will describe how a partnership with a claims concierge program can work and the results that are available through focused telephonic nurse triage.

A theme of the session is supporting small business.  Small business is a backbone of the American economy, a representation of the opportunity in our company.  Yet, small employers have fewer resources and less capacity for providing specialized support and may not get the same help available to larger employers.  The claims concierge session will be designed to teach attendees an effective approach for improved outcomes for small employers.

Joe Burgess, a member of CHSI Technologies’ Board of Directors, is the guest author of this report.