Our Underwriter Workbench—Redesigning For Efficiency and Power


Our Underwriter Workbench—Redesigning For Efficiency and Power

When you go to our Underwriting page in Connections you’ll notice a cosmetic difference—with some powerful features under the hood. We’re redesigning the page to allow for future changes to be made seamlessly.


The first things you’ll notice:


The tiles that house the Status(es) of a Quote are now rectangular, displaying the same information in a condensed, easier-to-read presentation.


The colors of the tiles are the Connections® brand colors in our effort to maintain consistency throughout the application.


All Groups and Products / Visible Quote Types are expanded onto the page instead of behind the left-hand side tabs.


The “Display User” dropdown is now more explicitly labelled “Displaying workload for:” and is in the upper-right hand corner above the tiles; selecting from it will display quotes assigned to that underwriter or user.


The navigation tabs that were across the top are now in the left-hand navigation sidebar.


Clicking a tile will bring up a better designed table.


The page should load faster for Insurers with many quotes.


Risk Management Tiles



A Better Designed Table

Clicking on any quote tile will bring up all the quotes for either all users or the user selected from the “Displaying workload for” dropdown. This table functions the same but is easier to read and everything is sortable and searchable. For speed, it utilizes pagination at the bottom right of the table.



IMPORTANT: Clicking the browser’s back button will take you back to the “tile view”—we’ve gotten rid of the blue triangle that typically took you back to that page. Basic browser functionality can be expected to work.


The Future

This redesign paves the way for more user experience improvements that are in the pipeline:


We’d like to make it much easier to assign an underwriter to a quote. This will make the “Displaying workload for” dropdown more useful.


We understand that selecting a color from our color picker on the Underwriting Admin Tools page and then seeing an approximate brand color instead on the quote tile is a weird experience. We will change the color picker to be a dropdown of all possible brand colors.


We’re exploring the possibility of the page first displaying quotes for the user that is presently logged in. Many users go to this Underwriting page only to get to “their work,” so we can speed that up by only loading their work. If you are not an underwriter, perhaps a manager or admin, your default view would be all users.


We will continue to improve the speed of the page.


Finally, we will offer at-a-glance analytics at the top of the page, helping managers and underwriters gain a better understanding of the big picture of their underwriting operations:


risk management system tech insurance analytics



We’re excited to unveil these changes. Our goal is to offer underwriters, analysts, and managers the tools they need to see the scope of their underwriting business and quickly drill down into the work they need to do.