Security in CHSI Connections: How Secure is Your Insurance Management Software?

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Security in CHSI Connections: How Secure is Your Insurance Management Software?

In the quest to stay competitive, many small and mid-size insurance organizations are improving their processes by moving to cloud applications and agile databases. These organizations have learned that manual entries and spreadsheets are prone to human error. In addition, older systems limit user access and make collaboration difficult. These issues can be resolved with insurance management software. Now that software and mobile applications are more affordable, smaller insurance organizations are capable of competing with larger organizations. Information can be uploaded in real time and teams can instantly share relevant information to improve the customer experience. However, these advantages can be lost in mere moments if a security breach occurs.

CHSI Connections Security Infographic October 2019

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Nothing breaks customer trust more than a security breach or the leaking of personal information. Before migrating customer information and data to a new system, insurance organizations must evaluate their insurance management software for security features and regulatory compliance. Here are two important features to look for:

Data Encryption

At this point, most cloud-managed software platforms feature data encryption but ensure that encryption isn’t only just used during migration. Data should remain encrypted even when it is at rest, and most certainly when it is in transit. You also want to make certain that your software is updated regularly. Since many small organizations do not have in-house IT specialist, they choose software-as-a-service (SaaS). This means the software provider makes updates and keeps data safe for you and your clients.

Single Platform

One of the biggest drivers behind security breaches is inconvenience. When employees lose their passwords or find it difficult to navigate between systems they begin looking for shortcuts that increase their efficiency and eliminate their pain points. This type of behavior is often called shadow IT. Using a single platform limits the need for shadow IT because users have everything they need and want on one secure platform. When CRM, billing, claims management, analytics and other features are available through a user-friendly dashboard, employees will comply with regulations and still maintain efficiency.

According to Insurance Journal, twenty percent of small businesses to mid-size businesses have experienced a breach. Therefore, it is important to choose software with a secure record.

About CHSI Connections Insurance Management Software

We perform rigorous testing to ensure the CHSI Connections® cloud platform meets and exceeds industry security standards. With our software, your data is controlled and safe from compromise. In addition to data encryption in transit and at rest, we operate comprehensive compliance and assurance programs.

For more information about security in CHSI Connections®, contact our team.

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