4 Tips On How to Manage an Insurance Company

How to Manage an Insurance Company

4 Tips On How to Manage an Insurance Company


Business owners of small insurance companies know how challenging it can be to run and grow a company. It can seem like there are endless mistakes to make when you’re learning how to manage an insurance company, but there are also plenty of best practices and proven solutions, too.

Many decision makers have discovered the benefits of using software to solve the challenges that come with building a successful insurance company. Here are four tips to help you work more efficiently and grow organically:

Tip 1: Support Your Sales Team

Organic growth—at least organic growth that does not arise from acquisition—needs to be consistent for your company to thrive within your market. To achieve this, you must create a system that can adequately support your sales team.

Salespeople are the ones tasked with landing new clients, so they should not be spending their time with spreadsheets or internal communications. They should be spending as much of their time as possible doing what they do best, finding and converting leads.

The answer is installing an integrated software system that can allow your salespeople and agents to be held accountable for the growth goals you set while also having the resources in place to help them succeed. A cloud-based system is smart option, as your salespeople will often be out of the office to connect with new clients. Make sure they have the tools they need to help your business grow.

Tip 2: Organize Your Administrative Processes

Especially if you’re new to management, you’ll probably spend a lot of your time in the beginning tweaking your approach. Start by streamlining your administrative processes.

Long meetings and endless data dumps are inefficient and take time away from growing your business. Instead, make sure you have a software system that can integrate with every aspect of your company. Instead of juggling spreadsheets and files that exist only on a single computer, invest in a process that allows you to integrate your financial systems seamlessly and automate as much of the process as possible.

Instead of massive file cabinets, software solutions allow small business owners to consolidate all the information they need. Best of all, if the software is available in the cloud, you’ll be able to access anything you need from any computer with an internet connection.

Tip 3: Improve Client Relationships

Any marketing professional will tell you that it is extremely difficult to grow your client base if you do not have a clear picture of your target client. Beyond just their basic demographics, create an understanding of this client’s needs and expectations. Knowing the challenges your customers face when it comes to decision-making will help when learning how to build a successful insurance company.

Often, clients complain about small companies that are slow to respond to questions or concerns. This is often due to an unintegrated office system. If your agents are unable to communicate with underwriters and financial teams, they will be similarly unable to help customers.

If you have to search for information each time a client asks you something, it takes longer to answer questions. Again, better software systems are the answer. When it’s easy to change, create, distribute and manage information, you’ll be free to strengthen your client relationships for that valuable word of mouth advertising.

Tip 4: Keep Learning

So much goes into running a small insurance company that you may feel you don’t have time to stay current on the latest technology. But often, this technology will actually save you hours of time in the long run.

Business owners should always be researching best practices within the industry to streamline their operations and deliver greater value to their clientele. For example, if you are still unaware of the value of cloud-based software for growing your organization, it is well worth looking into the benefits.

Positioning your small insurance company for years of success requires proper planning of both your internal infrastructure and external outreach strategies. Connections by CHSI provides the software solution that gives you the support your company needs to manage your business and expand in your market. Visit our website today to learn more.