Why CHSI Is a Leader in Insurance SaaS Enterprise Security

why chsi is a leader in insurance saas enterprise security

Why CHSI Is a Leader in Insurance SaaS Enterprise Security

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is taking the smaller insurance industry by storm and with good reason. Small to medium-sized insurance companies do not have the capital resources that their larger counterparts have which, in the past, significantly limited their ability to compete.

The advent of SaaS has dramatically leveled the playing field for smaller insurance companies by making insurance company software available through cloud technology, effectively eliminating the need for expensive hardware, software, and tech personnel. While this is great news for these smaller companies, there is an additional factor that should always be considered when looking to partner with insurance software providers, and that factor is security.

CHSI is U.S. based company dedicated to serving the technological needs of small to medium-sized insurance companies and is a recognized leader in security for its clients. CHSI stands for “Commitment, Honesty, Service, and Innovation” and it strives to successfully meet and exceed customer expectations for each component.


Designed for Smaller Companies

CHSI’s SaaS solutions are designed to be a comprehensive solution for all of the needs of smaller insurance companies. This means that every aspect of SaaS, from sales to underwriting, is covered with security at all levels. There is no need for a company to seek out additional security applications because everything needed is already in place.


Flexibility Is Paramount

All insurance companies love growth, but sometimes growth brings additional challenges, especially for the smaller companies. These challenges can include the need for enhancements to products and services as well as assurances that security has not been lost in the growth process.

Partnering with CHSI for SaaS provides these smaller companies with the confidence that they can grow their businesses without worrying about increased threats of data breaches, information loss and other issues that could be devastating. CHSI provides the flexibility needed to allow for seamless, uninterrupted continuation of service as their clients’ businesses grow.


Proven Leadership in SaaS Enterprise Security

CHSI works continually to make sure that all SaaS security systems are top-of-the-line and working at optimal levels. Cloud platforms are continually subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that all systems meet or exceed all security standards for the industry.