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Why CIC Services was a perfect Match For CHSI


Why CIC Services was a perfect Match For CHSI

Connections Management Software Runs CIC’s World

Smaller businesses turn to captive insurance solutions when they aim to close coverage gaps, secure revenue and increase their business profit. Though these outcomes are highly beneficial, the processes needed to manage a successful captive insurance company can be overwhelming. Many businesses turn to third-party captive managers that understand the insurance industry’s regulations and idiosyncrasies as they work to ensure that every member of the captive group benefits from the insurance alliance.


Commercial Insurance Consultants, or CIC, is a New York City-based consulting firm that works alongside organizations to create and manage effective captive insurance solutions. The firm evaluates insurance programs and provides in-depth analysis of a captive’s efficiency. CIC’s ongoing support includes audits and claim support services.


Over 100 captive insurance companies have been formed by CIC. As the organization continues to grow it has decided to choose underwriting software that integrates with a full suite of insurance workflow essentials. CHSI’s Connections software fits CIC’s needs by offering the organization an Azure-backed cloud platform that securely functions across silos. Here are a few of the ways Connections improves CIC’s workflow efficiency in a scalable and trustworthy manner.


Risk Management Support

Underwriting software is a major tool when it comes to providing solid risk management support. As part of an integrated and dynamic platform, the underwriting side of CHSI’s risk management tools offers multi-state information, an essential feature for captive insurance groups. In addition, the automated system collects quotes, endorsements, audits and renewals system-wide. This provides users with the information they need when they need it.


Efficient Operations

CHSI’s underwriting software is only one part of a powerful platform that features modules designed specifically for analytics, policyholders, brokers, billing and claims management. Seamless integration allows information to be shared across parties as needed. This optimized workflow assists captives across time zones and geographies.


Customer Services

Each of the tools and features provided by CHSI aligns with the platform’s customer relationship management tool. CRM technologies allow agents, brokers, customer service reps and self-serving policyholders access to their policy information. Insurers and investors can file claims and enter new information as needed. All information is updated in real-time across departments so no one is ever out of the loop. This increases customer service efficiency, helping to retain customers and build a strong client base.


For captives, this technology facilitates strong communication across organizations. With efficient communication and real-time analysis, brokers and agents are able to unify the best practices.


CHSI Connections software scales up and down. Its flexibility translates into cost-effective savings for any insurance firm or organization, regardless of size. With customized options and integrated third-party claims administration, small business owners can find cost-effective relief from time-consuming insurance matters.